Make a business-continuity plan today. We can help.

COVID-19 has pulled back the curtain and shown us how vulnerable our U.S. businesses are — and how direly they need business-continuity plans to help them successfully navigate a second wave of this pandemic or other threats such as a weather event, a product recall, an industrial accident, etc. Don’t be this guy! Develop your business-continuity plan today. We can help. Continue below to learn more.

Business-continuity planning is an essential part of a well-rounded crisis-management plan (CMP) for any business. It focuses on what are often known as level 1 and level 2 business disruptions, which can greatly impact how you operate your business. And it’s not rocket science. It’s a process in which you identify threats you could realistically face in the next six to 12 months, estimate how that threat could impact each part of your business, develop contingency strategies to work through the threat, and create an inventory of resources and people you’ll need to implement those strategies.

Below is a list of tools to help you develop a business-continuity plan — something no business should be without as we head into the final half of 2020 and beyond.

It’s a PR Thing — Business Continuity Planning (Free)

  • Get an overview of what business continuity planning is, and why it’s so important to all businesses — particularly in this age of COVID. Click here to listen to the podcast on Podbean.

Business Continuity Planning Checklist (Free)

  • This tool gives you an overview (and some webinar audio excerpts) of what business-continuity planning is, and the types of questions and thinking you’ll need to consider to begin developing your business-continuity plan. Click here to download the checklist.

WEBINAR: Business Continuity Planning ($174.99)
One-hour webinar and one-hour consultation

  • This program provides you with a one-hour instructional course that takes you through valuable exercises to get your thoughts and information “out on paper” and into a tool that organizes all the fundamentals you’ll need to create a draft for a workable business-continuity plan. This is perfect for businesses of all sizes — from the sole proprietor to a larger corporate entity looking to lead a team through the BCP process. You’ll also get a one-hour consultation to use after the webinar at any time within 90 days of purchasing the online course — and you can use it in whatever increments of time suits you best. Click the buy now button below to get started.

5-Day BCP Challenge* ($795)
Daily facilitation/exercise sessions, and a daily half-hour live coaching session

  • This is the Big Kahuna program, the personal-trainer version, the drill-sergeant model of getting your business-continuity plan finished — that means mapped out and drafted in five days. This is also great for the small operation or a larger organization looking to get their team in sync and moving together to cross the finish line with a workable business-continuity plan. You’ll get a daily live ‘class’ call where we’ll walk through a section of the plan, coach you on what information and thinking you’ll need to do, answer your questions, give you an assignment (that does mean homework), and we’ll schedule a half-hour live coaching call later that day to help you work through your assignment. If you farmed this out to a consultant, you would pay thousands of dollars. This is one of the best values to help your business not only survive a business disruption, but to actually thrive on the other side of it. Click here to pre-register for the 5-Day BCP Challenge.

*Enrollment is limited.