Crisis Communication.

McFarland PR & Public Affairs is no stranger to managing crisis communication. In fact, we’ve been at the side of organizations facing some of Indiana’s most high-profile, and prolonged crises. We hope you never need such services, to be frank. But the reality is this: The question is never IF, when it comes to a crisis. The question is always WHEN.

We strongly recommend clients employ issue management to identify risks and concerns that can escalate into crisis. But because sudden crisis can strike even in the best organizations with the best-laid plans, McFarland PR & Public Affairs provides crisis-communication planning, drills, media training, and consultation and coaching with boards and CEOs before and when a catastrophe hits.

If you’re facing what could be a smoldering crisis, please contact us. We’re happy to provide you and your board with a confidential initial consultation.

Out of respect for all affected by crisis, McFarland PR & Public Affairs does not post crisis case studies for promotional purposes.