Crisis Management

Crisis is going to happen. It sounds like a doomsday warning, but it’s really a fact of life. We’re sure you’ve heard the adage: It’s not if, but when. It’s true — and being ready to communicate effectively and timely in the event of your most likely crisis scenarios is crucial to the health and sustainability of your business. In the era of social media, the court of public opinion will issue a verdict about your company in as little as 20 minutes on average, while the judicial system can take 18 to 36 months. McFarland has worked a wide range of crises — and we mean the real stuff, not just the headaches that make for a few bad days. We mean multiple fatalities, federal arrests, product recalls, major lawsuits, bankruptcies, massive downsizing, CEO loss of life — the things that will “fundamentally change your business” (Dittmer).

Out of respect for all affected by crisis, McFarland PR & Public Affairs does not post crisis case studies for promotional purposes.