Issue Management.

Issues come in all shapes and sizes, and all degrees of relevancy. Some may require a strategy to develop or improve relationships, others may require stakeholder/constituent education, the creation of alliances, legislative discussions, or the development of ad hoc associations – and some may require the pursuit of full-on legislative action. McFarland PR & Public Affairs can help you identify and evaluate the issues facing your organization or industry, assess your stakeholder, constituent and political strengths, and help you develop the best strategies for addressing those issues where you stand today – and for where you want to stand tomorrow.

McFarland PR & Public Affairs uses a combination of the following to help you address issues crucial to your organization:

  • Issue identification, monitoring and strategic planning
  • Stakeholder relationship-assessment research
  • Board annual-planning facilitation
  • Public opinion/market research
  • Public-policy communication and legislator/constituent outreach
  • Media training
  • Media-strategy development