Media Relations

We manage media relations from sun up to sundown — daily, and that includes weekends and in the dark A.M. hours. We’re not dabblers who just pitch product publicity. We manage the entire function, from acting as the central intake for media inquiries 24/7, to triaging media calls and interview requests, making strategic recommendations, providing client responses and acting as spokespeople, assisting clients in understanding specific media outlets and reporters and delivering effective interviews, negotiating embargoes, developing media outreach strategies, developing media lists, news releases, media advisories and alerts, case studies, etc., managing media briefings and conferences, maintaining online newsrooms and developing online media kits, researching editorial calendars, and tracking and measuring media coverage — all in addition to developing and maintaining productive relationships with key industry and mainstream news professionals. Our clients have referred to our media-relations work over the years as ‘rock-star’ caliber, and reporters have told us we set ‘the gold standard’ in managing media relationships.