Professional Development.

McFarland PR and Public Affairs is all about success. We’re all about the win-win for our clients and the stakeholders they serve. And to support that, we provide on-site training in a range of areas of expertise, such as:

McFarland PR & Public Affairs uses a combination of the following to help you address issues crucial to your organization:

  • Issue tracking and management
  • Executive and advanced media relations
  • Crisis management
  • Strategic planning
  • Public dispute management

We also occasionally offer a series of professional-development teleseminars on other topics as well.


“Stephanie was excellent. She was well organized and obviously is an excellent PR professional. Overall, it was a very helpful and thought-provoking workshop.” – Strategic Planning

“Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable and helped the group focus on the importance of planning and getting ahead of issues.” – Strategic Planning

“I really enjoyed the presentation and it helped answer some questions for my higher ups that I couldn’t convince them of myself. Keep it up!” – Social Media Policy

“It was a terrific overview of the subject matter, with some very timely information regarding our current exploration of the best place for social media in our marketing and public relations strategies.” – Social Media Policy

“I had the privilege of taking three courses with Stephanie throughout the Master of Arts in Public Relations program at the School of Journalism at IUPUI. I have to say that those three classes were the most rewarding and most valuable of any I took, due completely to Stephanie’s teaching philosophy, style, and sheer depth of knowledge.” – Executive PR Graduate Program, Indiana University (Indpls)

“Stephanie is an instructor unlike any other. She teaches with real-world examples based on her many years of experience in strategic public relations. She never hesitates to spend extra time explaining the material, and she is willing to go the extra mile to help students. She is a great instructor, mentor, and friend.” – Executive PR Graduate Program, Indiana University (Indpls)