Public Policy.

When issues rise to a level that requires influencing public policy, McFarland PR & Public Affairs can help you with a range of strategies to champion and advocate for your cause. We can help you assess your strengthen, develop consensus with association members, form alliances and ad hoc groups, drive constituent support, and liaison with state and local administration leaders that implement existing laws, and with legislators that make the laws.

Case Study: SHC Taxpayers for Fiscally Responsible Education

When a Midwest school corporation proposed a referendum to raise property taxes on residents, businesses and parents of its community, it sparked a firestorm of debate within the school corporation. Once the news broke at the household level within the community, individual and small-group conversations ensued opposing the referendum. However, unlike the school corporation, which had organized funding in place and public resources and staff to mount its Vote YES! campaign, individual citizens opposed to the referendum had very little funding, no strategy for collectively opposing the referendum, and no established platform from which to have their voices heard. In short, the citizens of the community felt they were David facing Goliath in what was shaping up to be a runaway victory for the school corporation — until a McFarland staff member got involved.

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