Our staff didn’t just wander into the field of PR by happenstance or serendipity of association — they came to it committed and trained for it, right down to our interns. Anyone joining the McFarland team must have education specifically in public relations, and experience putting that education into successful action. Even our interns must come with at least one prior internship under their belts specifically in a PR role.

steph_bioStephanie McFarland Senior Issue Management Consultant

Stephanie is senior issue-management consultant and president of McFarland PR & Public Affairs, Inc., with nearly 30 years of deep public-relations expertise honed in pressure-intense private and public organizations. Stephanie has served in public-relations capacities and leadership roles with Indianapolis Power & Light Co., Eli Lilly, Sallie Mae, the Indiana Department of Revenue, and various state government agencies. She has led a number of high-profile public-relations/outreach initiatives, and intensively consulted on many more – such as the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP 2.0), the Indiana Toll Road bankruptcy filing, the Indiana State Fair rigging collapse, and the original Indiana Tax Amnesty program. Stephanie has received more than a dozen awards for the outcomes of her work, and commendations from state and industry leaders. She is an accredited public-relations professional, author, former university instructor, and certified crisis-communication professional. She holds her master-of-science degree in communication management from Syracuse University in New York, her accreditation in public relations through the Public Relations Society of America, and has completed continuing education in public-dispute management with Harvard University and in incident crisis-communication management with the National Safety Transportation Board.



Kevin Hannah Associate Public Relations Consultant

Kevin serves as an associate public relations consultant for McFarland PR & Public Affairs, Inc., covering a range of industries, issues and campaigns. He coordinates field operations, including attending public hearings and developing summary reports, scheduling and coordinating on-site legislator tours, and building relationships with industry and economic-development leaders. Kevin also manages onsite media events, as well as supporting day-to-day media-relations activities for the energy, aviation, and transportation industries. Kevin cut his PR teeth as a college intern with McFarland, where his first assignment was to work with Pacer’s American Basketball Association legends to launch We Changed the Game, a tell-all book about the founding of the original ABA Indiana Pacers team. As a Franklin College student, Kevin served as the sports director for WFCI radio, where he managed a weekly sports show and announced the play-by-play for Franklin College football and basketball games. Kevin holds his bachelor of science degree in public relations, and a minor in business.