“It’s a PR Thing” New Episode: The 5 Limiting Beliefs About PR

In today’s episode we’re spilling the beans on the five limiting beliefs about PR. These hold-over, antiquated mindsets are still defining how organizations implement PR, and they don’t align with EFFECTIVE public-relationship management needed in today’s world. Listen now.

Relationships Equal Business

Business is about relationships. That’s a fact. And the sum quality of those relationships is the difference between success and failure. Developing those relationships takes more skill than generating publicity. That’s where we come in. We are experts in helping you manage relationships, both in times of opportunity and in times of crisis. We use a range of expert strategies and best practices to help you identify, develop and maintain beneficial relationships with customers, clients and constituents — the kind that drive success, grow prosperity, and strengthen communities. We’re experts in building relationships that build business. Let us put our expertise to work for you. 

New Case Studies

We’ve been busy! Take a look at our new case study library for examples of how we’ve tackled a diverse range of challenges and opportunities. Learn how nimble thinking and expert experience get results in building relationships that build business. Also, opt for a deeper diver with our best practices program where you’ll learn our strategies and tactics that deliver client success.

Make a Business-Continuity Plan Today

COVID-19 has pulled back the curtain and shown us how vulnerable our U.S. businesses can be — and how direly they need business-continuity plans to help them successfully navigate a second wave of this pandemic or other threats such as a weather event, a product recall, an industrial accident, etc. Don’t be this guy! Listen to our podcast, and check out the tools available (some free) to help you, or any business you know, make a plan.

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