Challenge: “With or Without It”

Drive 350,000 low-income Hoosiers to enroll in a statewide health-insurance program within 12 months, and do our darnedest to bring it all in under budget.


Develop a campaign that speaks to a variety of stakeholders and relates to their specific context associated with the program, create opportunities to fill stakeholders’ existing communication networks and channels, and leverage existing stakeholder relationships to reach and engage potential enrollees.

We got on it! Starting with awareness concepts and launching multiple focus groups in various communities around the state to test those marketing concepts. With that input, McFarland developed a compare/contrast promotional campaign “With it, Without it.” This theme showed the hardship that occurs when Hoosiers don’t have the healthcare they need, and the peace of mind they feel when they do. Using that direct stakeholder input, McFarland proceeded on a mission to engage, engage, engage – developing and deploying a full-scale advertising campaign, digital and hardcopy marketing materials, road-show presentations, news stories, media pitches and webinars. McFarland also developed an online communication kit with a plethora of materials healthcare stakeholders and influencers could infuse into their existing marketing operations and channels.


Success! More than 366,800 Hoosiers were enrolled in the program, exceeding the annual goal in only 10 months, and capping the budget spend at more than $200,000 under budget. To drive that success, more than 500 communication kits were downloaded, and client staff participated in more than 80 presentations across the state to target groups. Additionally, the campaign drove more than 150 news stories across the state, along with 522,283 visits to the program website in 10 months – and more than 180,000 influencers and stakeholders requested brochures for distribution. In the end, this campaign demonstrated that using effective public outreach that leverages relationships and community can make a significant difference in business, government and people’s lives.

Client Feedback

“Home run!”