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McFarland has direct experience and expertise in managing disasters, workplace fatalities, public protests, media attacks, tough policy legislation, government programs and corporate reputation campaigns. That combination of expertise and experience makes us the ideal agency to provide you with a range of more sophisticated and complex PR and public affairs services.

Crisis Management

Crisis. It’s not if, it’s when. The court of public opinion via social media will issue a verdict about your company in about 20 minutes. Do you know your most likely crisis scenarios? Are you ready to communicate timely and knowledgeably in the event a scenario becomes reality? McFarland has worked a wide range of crises — the real stuff, like multiple fatalities, federal arrests, product recalls, major lawsuits, bankruptcies, massive downsizing, CEO loss of life — the things that will “fundamentally change your business” (Dittmer).

Issue Management

Every organization has issues. It’s part of doing business in a complex world. Managing issues effectively is the pre-emptive antidote to crisis, and it’s one of our key depths. We’ve worked the backside, and stood on the frontline, of numerous issues that have shaped organizations and industries, stirred up litigation and public policy. We know the ins and outs of navigating these situations, which takes a depth far deeper than advertising, marketing and journalism to effectively manage issues. We deliver that depth.

Media Relations

We manage media relations from sun up to sundown daily, and that includes weekends and in the dark A.M. hours. We’re not dabblers. We manage the entire function – from the strategic to the tactical to the measurement. Our list of skills in this area is expansive, far beyond merely pitching for publicity. Our clients have referred to our media-relations work over the years as “rock-star” caliber, and reporters have told us we set “the gold standard” in managing media relationships.

Market Research

In the words of the late, great Stephen Covey: Seek first to understand. Then seek to be understood. Market and public-opinion research provide understanding, real insight into what people are thinking and perceiving. We swear by research, whether it’s a survey, multiple focus groups to test ideas and concepts, in-depth interviews with industry thought leaders, content analyses of news- or social-media coverage, listening tours, etc. We’ve seen research help clients avoid wasting millions of dollars, improve operations, increase revenue, and restore damaged relationships and reputations.

Public Affairs

We don’t “do” political campaigns, but we do manage government public relations. We manage it at both ends of the spectrum — helping organizations educate constituents and communities, to implementing public-involvement campaigns and managing the day-to-day public-relations’ operations for government agencies. We’ve tackled some of our state’s most impactful and high-profile public-affairs issues, managing them from the inside out of government, and vice versa. Our staff has worked inside of government, and knows the processes, procedures and protocols to get things done.


Our staff has eyeball-deep experience in developing and implementing comprehensive national, regional and local marketing-communication campaigns that have delivered optimal success consistently under budget. We work a proven system that few of our competitors know about, and we get results without breaking your budget on shiny-object design. Our “eight-cylinder” award-winning marketing campaigns have delivered everything from college education, to affordable healthcare coverage, to financial success, to tech innovations and energy services.